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200 Words: An introduction

This page is dedicated to my local print newspaper.  This local monopoly on daily news limits letters to the editor to 200 words.  Beyond that limit, they only allow your 200 words to be published once a month if the editor happens to choose it

Meanwhile this same editor surrenders space for 800 words to one or more local apologists for the radical right, particular when it comes to attacking organized labor. And they can publish their nonsense any or every day of the week if they choose.  You see, this publisher just hates workers who demand things like fair pay and better working conditions.

This arrogant display of disdain for uppity working folk inspired me.  I think maybe it’s a good idea to show what we can do with 200 words.  Ergo this blog page.  Every piece here, including this one, is precisely 200 words long.

I offer this imposed essay haiku to all of you to share with me as a challenge.  Boil down your best thoughts on the public sector working stiff or professional manager to exactly 200 words and mail it to jimvw2@workingthecommons.com.  If it’s good quality, fact-driven writing, I will publish it on this blog.

200 words: Deep State or Sad State

Having watched the performance of Donald Trump’s appointees this past year, I think I prefer the much maligned “Deep State,” to the current “Sad State,”

The Deep State is the new favorite bogey man of the ALT right, courtesy of Lady Rebecca Mercer and her vassal Steve Bannon.  It is populated by … wait for it, you’re not going to believe this … career bureaucrats!  Yikes!

By contrast the Sad State is populated by Trump’s former domestics, some Wall Street bankers, military pensioners and whoever else he can round up off the streets.  Professional qualifications, actual job experience and a basic grounding in ethics are no longer job requirements.

As these government apprentices do their best imitation of gremlins in their new digs, the deep state is being deep sixed.  We are all just beginning to pay the price for their bumbling attempts to pretend at governing.  Unfortunately, we can’t just change the channel.

Let’s hope there are still some subject experts and professional managers willing to serve come 2020, after Trump’s minions have mismanaged, gelded and looted every federal agency into chaos and decay.

I hope Melania is checking the silverware as Donald’s “apprentices” slip out the back door.

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