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Can’t balance the pathologically unbalanced

March 16, 2017
Jim Wavada

Sean Spicer, Donald Trump’s beset press secretary, is stuck with unenviable, essentially impossible task of trying to push the narrative that this erstwhile administration’s problems do not begin and end in the Oval Office and the West Wing of the White House.

Spicer, his blood pressure almost visibly rising, stands, a dumbstruck amateur, in front of a room of genuine professional journalists (despite White House attempts to contaminate the press pool with hacks from alt-right media outlets), and tries to deflect and dissemble over the CIC’s current late night conspiracy theory cum libel cum threat cum whine.

Spicey squeals about a lack of balance in reportage. Balance is indeed the problem, but not in the press pool. The balance problem is in the official residence in the wee hours of the morning. Spicer and other sad defenders of the President must deal with an emotionally unbalanced, some would say unhinged, boss.

We seriously ought to be scouring the legal reasons for impeachment and ask ourselves if emotional illness or mental incapacity is one of them and how it can be invoked to put the wheelhouse of our ship of state back in sane, balanced hands.

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