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Half a million homeless, but hey, let’s go golfing

March 21, 2017
Jim Wavada

I’m not one of those people with instant recall for big numbers. I just know when big is big and I am moved by big numbers. The big numbers moving me right now, are the number of refugees created by the war in Syria. That’s the war that sucks up lots of weapons and ammunition, artillery, rifles, even drones, missiles manufactured in the U.S., Russia and Israel. We are feeding a conflict that has killed hundreds of thousands of innocents and left hundreds of thousands more refugees. All at a profit to these merchants of death.

The other big numbers I think about are the tax dollars, millions of them every weekend to wrap our president in a cocoon while he flies from Washington, D.C. to Florida to golf and hold court at his southern White House. The reported cost is $3.5 million per weekend trip.

President Trump has not mentioned the Syrian refugees except as part of his ban to keep us safe from having to see any of them in America. So he works on tax breaks for arms manufacturers and merchants, while ignoring the gigantic human toll this indifference is taking.

So what if hundreds of families are murdered and made homeless, it’s important that we send our draft-dodging, tax cheating, pathological liar of a president to Florida to golf on the weekends and show off for the wealthy members of the Mara Lago resort, his people.

In just two months, this orange wonder has spent more on travel to Florida than it would take to feed every refugee in the Sudan and Syria. Big numbers. He likes big, you know. Like him, I don’t know the exact numbers. Maybe I should. Maybe we all should.

Or we could just go play a round of golf. My handicap is Yuge! Big number.

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