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200 words: A thought experiment for CMR


My local newspaper won’t give a centrist Democrat the column space it does to an untrained right-wing hack.  They limit me to a 200-word letter once a month, that must still compete with every other letter writer to see newsprint.  So I am choosing to put my monthly 200 words right here instead. Here is February’s installment of 200 words: Let’s do a little thought experiment for Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and local GOP voters.  Let’s imagine that the only difference from today is that the electoral college vote matched the popular vote and Hillary Clinton is sitting in the Oval Office. Robert Mueller still investigates Russian interference in the election.  He releases his 13-count indictment of Russian hackers. In response, President Clinton does absolutely nothing. Would Representative McMorris Rodgers still be sitting on her hands?  Would Leader McConnell or Speaker Ryan or Reps. Nunes or Gowdy stand silent?  Of course not.  Holy hell would break loose, right? Yet in our reality, the leader of CMR’s party, Donald J. Trump sits in the White House, tweeting and trolling while Rome burns. CMR sits mute while Putin steals our democracy.  Now imagine that you always vote Republican.  You believe in traditional Republican values.  The 2018 election approaches. Do you still vote for a representative who would sacrifice our democracy to curry favor with an adolescent who stumbled into the White House 3 million votes short of a real majority? Are you going to vote for a woman who enables Russian trolls to sabotage our elections just because you always vote Republican? Jim Wavada The Alsatian Diaspora

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