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200 words: Dog whistles no longer required?

One year ago today a racist mob tore apart Charlottesville. Then one of the thugs who instigated this violence killed a young woman amongst peaceful counter-demonstrators.  The president’s response to this deliberate homicide? “Many sides” we’re to blame. It was a new low point for Trump and the GOP leadership who protects him.

Yesterday, in response to a question I raised at a meeting of retired public employees about his preparation for any such white supremacist violence occurring in Spokane County, Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, started his response with “there is blame on both sides.” Nonsense.

Ozzie’s response was sadly Trumpian. “Both sides” will be to blame.  Is this now the accepted GOP response to fears of violence from these right-wing thugs? Really?  No need for dog whistles anymore.

I believe Sheriff Ozzie is a good man.  He is a good sheriff.  I voted for him twice. He needs to drop this facile equivalence meme and straight up promise to protect me, my family and my friends from these right-wing thugs if they show up to stifle my First Amendment rights with their clubs and guns.

It’s not both sides, Ozzie, it’s them, their racism and their weapons.

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