Buyer’s Remorse

March 12, 2017
Jim Wavada

I’ve been waiting. I knew it would be coming. Today it broke into public view. A letter in the Spokesman-Review. It is the public claim that criticizing President Trump will drive some ambivalent Trump voters deeper into Trump’s alternate reality. The claim is those voters who chose Trump last Novemeber as some kind of protest vote will not feel any buyer’s remorse and vote to turn him out of office in the next general election. The claim is they are so irritated by the drumbeat of criticism against the man for whom they voted that they will be driven even deeper into the Trump camp.

This argument is clearly aimed at trying to tamp down public outcry against the “deconstruction of the state,” and the misogyny, racism and contempt for facts that characterizes Trump’s increasingly ALT Right administration.

It’s nonsense. This argument is like saying I will become inexorably bound to my recently purchased lemon of a car if several mechanics tell me the catalytic converter is overheating, the air bag has life-threatening defects and the wheels are about to come off. My response, according to this Trumpian line of logic, would be to ignore the mechanics and become ultra-loyal to my lemon.

So don’t relent. Continue to rise up and speak out against the insanity of this electoral college perversion of the voters’ choice.

This whining about Trump protest is testament that the absurdity of this poor voter choice. Our long and loud protest is bringing home to some those guilty voters the consequence of their careless protest votes. They are feeling beseiged by the angry response of the majority, their fellow citizens, to their own ill-considered votes. Sometimes guilt is a good thing, especially if it changes future behavior for the better.

Ignore the whining of the Trumpistas, keep your protests going loud and clear. Give no quarter to Trump voters, who need to be educated before the next election. Offer to teach them. Support their moral and civic course correction with facts and logic. Make them think before they vote again.

Trump’s Russian money laundering crime

March 2, 2017

Jim Wavada

Earlier this week we learned from Rachel Maddow of MSNBC a heretofore unreported story that the New Yorker is working that may finally be the smoking gun that brings the Trump kleptocracy down.

The allegation being investigated as I write this is that in 2014 Donald Trump and Wilbur Ross participated in a Russian money laundering scheme that netted Trump’s real estate enterprises a $60 million profit on a sham real estate deal in Florida.

This cash scoop was a pretty clear transfer of funds from a Putin crony in the KGB directly to Donald Trump. That’s because, as reported by Rachel Maddow, the Florida property in question cost Donald $20 million in 2012(?). He never occupied or sold the property nor did any improvements to it. He sold the property to this Russian oligarch for $100 million dollars in 2014, a $60 million profit. The Russian buyer never occupied the property and in fact demolished it shortly after purchase.

So the question remains, what was the intent of this transaction that clearly transferred $60 million to Donald Trump from this Russian oligarch through a loan authorized by Wilbur Ross, the billionaire who is co-chair of the board of the Bank of Cyprus, which is well known for laundering billions for Russian oligarchs.

I am going to track down a tape of Rachel’s report and personally attempt to verify the facts of this situation and pass on what I learn about this crime in this space. I will also add links to other sources who are actually spending resources to investigate this felony and Trump’s and Ross’s involvement in it.

Stay tuned.